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Corner Cafe: Sharing the Story & Heart of an Artist, with a Pinch of Entertainment

Host Rachel Mains and Host Jamie Daniel

Corner Cafe features musical artists and entertainers. It is our goal to be a positive influence and to encourage listeners in their faith.
ENCORE: Matthew Hawk Merry ChristmasDecember 05, 2022 Episode artwork ENCORE: Natasha Owens Christmas November 28, 2022 Episode artwork The Corner Cafe Joins Mad Men of Masculinity Radio: Let's talk about masculine vs. feminine energy!November 26, 2022 Episode artwork Breakthrough Artist Brandon Watson Gets Personal with Controversial Debut Track “Moment” November 19, 2022 Episode artwork Sarah Elisabeth: Where do you find true joy?November 12, 2022 Episode artwork Multiple Grammy and Dove Award Nominee Dr. Ricky DillardNovember 05, 2022 Episode artwork Host Rachel Mains Interviewed on To All The Dreamers Radio ProgramOctober 27, 2022 Episode artwork Human trafficking is a huge problem. How can we has individuals help to put an end to it?October 22, 2022 Episode artwork Jaren: As a young, all girl, band what do you feel will be your greatest impact?October 15, 2022 Episode artwork RachelA: Why did you decide to write a book called "Jesus Was Not a Modern Day Christian"?September 24, 2022 Episode artwork Darren Rahn: As a billboard charting jazz artist/producer, you'll be providing content teaching your skills?September 17, 2022 Episode artwork Biff Gore: Why should Christians be involved in politics?September 03, 2022 Episode artwork ENCORE SHOW: Aqeel Ash-Shakoor - How did the Lord, Jesus, lead you out of Islam?August 29, 2022 Episode artwork ENCORE SHOW: Joel Smallbone - Why did you decide to do this film on the reality of sex trafficking?August 17, 2022 Episode artwork What is the surprising thing both Rachel & Jamie have in common?August 11, 2022 Episode artwork ARTIST FEATURE: Lacy Jo - What does learning to "pivot" mean to you?April 30, 2022 Episode artwork ENTERTAINMENT FEATURE: Michelle Rahn - Why do you feel God planned for you to be Ms. Senior America?March 14, 2022 Episode artwork